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Italian Lifestyle


Talking about Lifestyle, we should talk about the Actions and Things that we do, from waking up in the morning to going to sleep in the evening…or at night. Lifestyle involves everything.Every culture, therefore every Country, has its own Lifestyle; some have many similarities, but they are never the same. We generally know that people from Countries with warm climates, have specific habits, and that people from a cold climate, are different. The warm latitudes, obviously, influence Lifestyles, as do the cold ones. South Americans and Southern Europeans, for instance, love to hang out and dine out frequently till late evening hours, because of their nice weather, and these habits contribute to form their particular Lifestyle. Whereas North Europeans and Eastern Europeans, because of the frequent snow, the cold and of the usual grey skies, are more likely to spend  much more time at home, with families and friends or, prefering, instead to remain inside warm and comfortable places.the weather has influenced, during the Centuries, the way people have built their Cities, have developed their cuisines, the way they dress and work, and the way they have evolved their general behaviours. We could say that we all are, to some extent,  children  of our climates.


Italy is generally  well known as a Warm Country, a peninsula that some call : the Country of the Sun and the Sea. But Italy is not only this! Indeed, there is a Northern part of the Country that’s very cold during the Winter, mild during the Spring and Warm during the Summer; as you go from North to South, this difference of climate  increases drammatically. In the Central part of the Country  there are fewer snowy and rainy days. In the Southern part of the Country, instead, the hot side of the weather becomes prevalent, with a very short Winter and a very long hot Summer. In the Northern Part, toward the Country’s borders, over the Alps, and above all the second, smaller mountain chain called the “ The Appennines “, which run from the north to the south of the Country, and cuts it in two longitudinal parts , you can ski and have saunas,watching the sun set over the skyline of the mountains, from November to March.

Along the coast, as Italy has about two thousand kilometers of it, from April to September, you can find hundreds of beautiful places, from North to South, where to book a hotel, rent a house ( or buy it ! ), and hang out, walking over the beaches or through gorgeous small pedestrian Cities. This is the “Summer Time” in Italy: wandering through the Art Cities ( Italy seems to own about the 70% of all the Art masterpieces present in the World ), spending the beach-time on the coasts, on the islands, at the Lakes, and spending long nights dining out, surrounded by a mild and warm climate all around.

When you  come in Italy, be it for a vacation, work or  other reasons, you will enjoy all the particular aspects of this way of living. There are many different things to do, many places to see, many foods to taste, many sports to practice, many objects to buy, and many people to meet. All these things are part of the Lifestyle. It’s difficult, perhaps impossibile, enumerate all the items composing our Country’s Lifestyle; basically, because they are continuously changing; but there are some key points that are as the cornerstones of a Country’s culture. In our opinion these items are:

1. Foods ( how italians love to eat and drink, and what are the most traditional dishes of the Country that contribute to give it its particularity )

2. Fashion ( how italians love to dress and how the dresses are part of the Country’s culture )

3.Leisure Time ( how italians love to spend their spare time and cultural  habits )

4. Holydays ( how italians love to spend their holydays, where they love to go and with whom )

5. Nightlife ( it’s a part of the Leisure Time that deserve a particular space, because it’s a part of the italian culture )

6. Politics ( how italians si relate to the politic arena )

7. Art  ( Art and History are the two indissoluble elements and  throughout History one of the most important parts of Italy;  nobody can imagine Italy without them, and, at the same way, imagine them separated from Italy; because wherever you are in Italy you will be completely immersed in them

8. Family ( how the italians concept of  family has contributed to constitute the main body of this society during the centuries, contributing, therefore, to the concept of home, too )

9. All other stuff…as Music, Theatre, Cinema, Philosophy, Intelligence, Architecture, Kindness, Smartness, , and so on…; Elements that every Country and Culture, in the world , tend to develop in their particular and original ways and that in Italy have a long history.

In this Site we’ll talk about all these things above, and maybe some others. We’ll try to give to the people all over the World an insight of what happens in Italy and what this wonderful Country can offer to who will wish to visit it. We’ll try to describe its major Art Cities and also the smaller, but no less precious, Cities; say something about its Art, History and Culture, and so on.

Hope you’ll visit our Site and enjoy what it will be put in it, time after time; and hope all these things will be able to be useful to you, to know it better, or to plan your next trip here.

Check the Site to see if there are some news that may interest you, or register to it, for receiving,  when available, a newsletter with curiosities, aphorisms, informations about Italian Life.

Thanks for visiting !

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