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Find your Fantastic Hotel in Italy

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3 renowned websites where finding the right hotel and booking your staying in Italy, in addition to get some useful references from people who have already been there

(nb: this website  isn’t, in any way, responsible for eventual wrong informations given by web users and owners in the following websites )




Here is a selection of fine hotels, you can find, in the most beautiful Italian Cities :

StarHotels in Italy

 ( Rome, Milan, Bologna, Parma, Turin, Genoa, Venice, Trieste, Naples, Florence, Bergamo, Saronno )

These beautiful Hotels are ready to receive you in full Italian style. You can find a Bar, a Restaurant, a  Gym,  a Garage … and all the amenities befitting to  high standard’s Hotels, as these ones. Go and visit the website of the Company, to realize which kind of Hotels you may find once in Italy. You can also book your staying directly from your PC.  Go to the StarHotels Website and book directly your room:

 A.C. Hotels in Italy

( Milan, Florence, Genoa, Turin, Bologna, Arezzo, Brescia, Pisa, Vicenza, Padova )

 A.C. Hotels is a Spanish Company that have built these Hotels; trendy, modern and minimalist. With a very convenient  price / quality ratio, the Hotels are very popular for their modern design, and the fine materials. Clean, comfortable, refined and quite cheap. Ideal for youngsters, businessmen and also  families, they have all usual facilities: Wi-Fi, fitness center, restaurant, bar, garage. Try them, you will not regret it. Go to the A.C. Hotels Website and book directly your room:

Mercure  Hotels in Italy

 ( Rome, Milan, Venice, Florence, Turin, Naples, Bari, Bologna, Bergamo, Reggio Emilia, Palermo, Rimini, Siena, Siracusa, Taranto, Como, Cosenza, Foggia, Lecce, Moncalieri, Tropea, Olbia, Rende, Ricadi, Rovereto, Sesto San Giovanni, Torre del Greco )

The Mercure Hotels are very numerous in Italy; you can find them in many Cities, even if not big . They are, generally, from medium to large sizes, located in historical or important buidings. They offer to their customers, both business and leisure travelers, several top-level services: Meeting rooms, very good bars and restaurants, business lounges, and garages. etc … . Although they are fine hotels, have maintained a good price / quality ratio. Try them, you will find qualified and friendly staff, ready to answer to all your needs. Book a room online by going to the website of the Chain Mercure:

 Best Western Hotels in Italy

( more than 170 Hotels all over Italy )

 The “Best Western” Hotels Chain is probably the bigger Hotel Chain in the World. The Hotels are all ranked three or four Stars; often new or completely renewed. The prices are very interesting, quite cheap if compared with the services offered. Inoltre if you check the Company Website , you will often find various promotions and offers to the clients who desire to spend some nights around Italy. Book your room on-line, visiting the Best Western Website,  for finding the City you would like to visit:

Holydays Inn in Italy

(  Hotels all over Italy )

Holiday Inn is a very renowned, international Company, with a lot of Hotels all over the World. With its confortable halls and rooms, these Hotels ensure its clients an optimum quality/price ratio. The prices are interesting and you could find what you are looking for, and book a room, going to visit the Company Web Site at:

Boscolo Hotels in Italy

( six terrific 5 stars Hotels and 7 very good 4 stars Hotels in Italy )

Boscolo Group is an italian Hotel Company which provides to its clients some of the best proposals findable in the market. Its 5 stars Hotels are very luxurious, the right choice for fine and exigent customers; but also its 4 stars B4 Hotels offer a very high standard. If you are looking for a real italian Hotel, try one of them.  Visit the Company Website and book your room at:

Reinassance Hotels

( distinctive and very special Hotels )

Reinassance Hotels are a few very particular and luxurious Hotels, by Mariott Company. Find out their particularities by surfing through their amazing website and book your room at:

Mariott Hotels

( Hotels of big dimensions, comfortables, in some of the main Italian Cities )

Visit he specific Websites of  the Mariott Hotel you would like to choose to see all the best deals at:

. Rome  1

. Rome 2 

. Milan 

Four Season Hotels

( only two renowned Hotels in Italy )

Famous and Luxury Hotels;  perfect hospitality; very high standards, exclusive rooms. Whatever you could ask from an Hotel, here you will find it. Book your room at:

. Milan Four Season Hotel

. Florence Four Season Hotel

Relais du Silence Hotels


Charming Hotels; places you can go at for relaxing and recharging your batteries to 100% through natural sensorial experiences.

Check which is the best for you at: