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It’s the italian wine SASSICAIA the 2018 World best wine

it’s the Italian wine SASSICAIA ( San Guido estate – Bolgheri ) the World best wine 2018, according to Wine Spectator, the ” bible ” of wine enthusiasts. SASSICAIA 2015 won the contest amongst 100 fantastic wines from all over the World !

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Real Estate Market in Reggio Emilia

Prospects 2018-2019

The prospects of the real estate market in Reggio Emilia in the second half of 2018 and in 2019 seem to remain stable, confirming a slight progress in the area of ​​residential properties of low / medium price, although a little slowed compared to the good one noticed in the first half of 2018. As for the other types of real estate, our (subjective) forecasts are as follows:

. Residential real estate of high price on sale: stable situation; market and prices are stable, with a depreciation of about 30-40% compared to the pre-2008 peaks;

. Residential leased properties: situation in slight increase in prices for an increase in demand, after a previous decline due to the crisis. The furnished apartments with 1/2 rooms are in great demand;

. Commercial properties for sale: stable situation with slight progress of the values ​​after a significant decline during the crisis;

. Commercial leased buildings: situation in light difficulty for the period of ongoing crisis. Spaces available on the rise;

. Industrial buildings for sale: stable situation, limited demand, prices stabilized downwards after the crisis;

. Industrial leased buildings: stable situation with a good absorption of the properties on the market, stable prices after a considerable decline;

Lonelyplanet: Emilia - Romagna best place to visit in summer 2019


The universally known travel guide ” Lonely Planet ” has put Emilia-Romagna Region at the first place, on the top step of the podium, for what concerns the places to visit this summer 2019. The reasons are many, even though it is not the most famous place in Italy compared with amazing spots as Venice, Florence, Rome, etc…,  and they are findable in its excellence concerning foods, history, culture, hospitality, nature and variety.

So, take your time when you are in Italy to visit and taste also this cool Region.

Bismatova Rock in Castelnovo nè Monti ( Reggio Emilia Appenine Mountains )



The Eternal and the Time between Michelangelo e Caravaggio



In Forlì, a wonderful exhibition on Michelangelo and Caravaggio, entitled ” The Eternal and the Time between Michelangelo and Caravaggio “. From February 10th to June 17th 2018 at San Domenico Museums in Forlì.

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Parma Capital of Culture 2020

Parma, with an ambitious program of 32 projects, was nominated Capital of Culture for the year 2020, after Palermo in 2018 and Matera in 2019. Ten […]

FICO opens in Bologna

In a peripheral area of the city of Bologna, in the heart of Emilia Romagna, where, according to many world-renowned experts in gastronomy, there would be the best […]

The ” Barcolana ” regatta in Trieste, Semptember 29 – October 8 2017

Every year from 1969 date of establishment, on the second Sunday of October over 250,000 people, rounded up on the coast of Trieste, follow one of the world’s […]

The best luxury hotel 2017 is Palazzo Seneca in Norcia

Palazzo Seneca is a hotel in Norcia, a land heavily hit by the recent earthquake. It is the most important place run by Bianconi family, since many generations, […]

the International Robotic Festival - Pisa - September 7 -13

From September 7th to 13th, in Pisa, the International Robotic Festival will be held, with concerts, events, workshops and exhibitions.

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the VPN phenomenon

Yesterday I received an email on how the VPN websites operate concerning on-line hotel rooms reservation. Those web sites give the chance to save some money. To know something about […]