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The submerged Village comes back to light again

In the province of Lucca, on the Apuan Alps, there is a village founded about eight hundred years ago by some blacksmiths coming from Brescia, submerged seventy years ago by an artificial lake created by a hydroelectric company. In 1947, the Edron torrent was barred by a 92-meter high dam that gave rise to the lake. The water submerged some villages, among which the main one was Fabbriche di Careggine. The 146 inhabitants were moved to the nearby village of Vagli Sotto. During these seventy years the lake has been emptied only four times: in 1958, 1974, 1983 and 1994, to carry out maintenance work done by the hydroelectric company, and the show appearing every time is always very impressive and fascinating. The whole country rises from its underwater torpor and tourists are allowed to walk through its narrow, moist roads to visit it until the lake is filled up again. Enel, the owner of the dam, seems to have no intention of emptying it shortly, even though it had been spoken of 2016 as a possible year for that.


Visit this interesting website about the lake



Unesco World Heritage: Italy is the 1st Superpower of Beauty and Culture

Italy is the proud, leading Nation as regard UNESCO’s World Heritage sites; as of today it can count 53 wonderful sites, present in 17 Regions out of 20. The two most recent, fifty-second and fifty-third, consist of the Primeval Beech Forests of the National Parks of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise ( Villavallelonga-Valle Cervara, Lecce nei Marsi-Moricento, Pescasseroli-Coppo del Principe e Coppo del Morto, Opi-Val Fondillo), the National Park of Casentinesi Forests ( Sasso fratino ), the National Park of Gargano ( Umbrian Forest ), National Park of Pollino( Cozzo Ferriero ), Soriano in Cimino ( Cimino Mountain ) besides the National-Regional Park of Bracciano-Martignano ( Raschio Mountain ); and the Venetian Works of Defence, built beetwen the 15th and 17th centuries in a vast area, extending from the Pre Alps of Lombardy to the Eastern coast of the Adriatic, between the Stato di Terra (State of Land: Lombard-Venetian) and the Stato di Mare (State of Sea: Croatia, Montenegro) of the Serenissima.What you’ll see, and a whole lot more besides, are the proud conservation of an heritage built through centuries in our beautiful, unusual Country.

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The Pink Night in the Italian Riviera Romagnola

The Grand Night, like another New Year’s Eve, over all the Riviera Romagnola … The Pink Night started yesterday July 7th, as each year, last all the weekend on the 130 km of the Riviera Romagnola, from Comacchio to Pesaro. A great party made of sounds, lights, events, concerts, theatrical performances, conventions, exhibitions, beautiful scenery. Each place interprets the party according to its ideas.

Watch the website of the Pink Night

Four Italian universities among the top 200 in the world

Italian Universities raise their heads. For the first time 4 Italian Universities, according to the famous QS World University Rankings, which has analyzed 4388 Universities in the World and afterwards selected only 956 of them, ranked among the first 200. Respectively 170th (Politecnico di Milano), 188th (University of Bologna) and the other two both 192nd (High School Sant’Anna and the Normale Superiore School in Pisa).

Caravaggio in Milan – Palazzo Reale – September 27th 2017 / January 1st 2018

Who really was Caravaggio ? The painter, the master, the man. Michelangelo Merisi, nicknamned Caravaggio, discover it on Wikipedia and then discover […]

Tuttofood – Milano Rho Exhibition Complex – 8/11 may 2017

The best Italian Food Exhibition, which links top exhibitors to clients from all over the World; among conferences, events, scientific discussions, new start-up companies, universities and organizations involved […]

“Santi d’Italia” Exhibition – Palazzo Reale – Milan March 24th to June 4th 2017


The “Santi d’Italia” exhibition is held at Palazzo Reale in Milan from 24 March to 4 June 2017. There you can admire the extraordinary works of Guercino, […]

The Ranking of the Healthiest Nations in the World



According to a special ranking, published by Bloomberg, the Global Health Index, Italy ranks first out of 163 countries monitored. Despite its economic crisis, Italy is […]

Guercino - fabolous exhibition in Piacenza - march 4th - june 4th 2017 - Piacenza Cathedral - Palazzo Farnese Museums

Here we are ! for telling you about this nice exhibition held in Piacenza to show life and masterpieces of Guercino, the great seventeenth-century’ italian painter. During the […]

The exhibition “The secret rooms of Vittorio Sgarbi”, Cortina d ‘Ampezzo, December 23th 2016 – Feb. 28th 2017, at the House of Rules

The exhibition “the secret rooms of Vittorio Sgarbi” is on stage until February 28th in Cortina d’Ampezzo, at the House of the Rules ( Casa delle Regole ), […]