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The two thousandth anniversary of the Emperor Augustus (63 BC – 14 AD) in Rome


The two thousandth anniversary of the ‘Emperor Augustus (63 BC – 14 AD) will be held in Rome from 12 September to theĀ  next summer with 11 events. The first event will be a visit to the Villa of Livia, wife of the Emperor, followed by a conference on archeology, the view at the Villa of Augustus on the Palatine Hill and other major events.
There will also be 10 other cities that festeggieranno the second millennium since some works of Augustus are still inside them:
MILAN: with the great Roman Theatre.
AOSTA: with the traces of the ancient Via Augusta Praetoria Salassorum; the forensic Criportico; the Porta Praetoria; the Arch of Augustus, built in 25 BC, the Walls and the Theater.
VERONA: with the criptoportico of the Roman Capitol and the old groundwork of the Arena.
RIMINI: with the Arch of Augustus (the oldest existing Roman arch) located at the end of the Via Flaminia, which through the Decumanus Maximus (the current Corso Augusto) was connected to the via Emilia.
CHIETI: with the Exhibition ” Augustan Ages. Messages from Amiternum and ancient Abruzzo ”.
L’AQUILA: nearby Aquila City with the Amiternum which contains the ruins of the Theater and the Aqueduct.
BRESCIA: with the Roman Forum; the Source of Mompiano; the Theatre and the Basilica and the Domus located under Palazzo Martinengo.
RAVENNA: with the Relief of Augustus, celebrating the Imperial family.
SYRACUSE: with the archaeological site of Neapolis, where there are the ruins of the Arch of Augustus.
CASSINO (FR): with the Archaeological Park of the ancient Casinum. With many remains of the Augustan era, such as the Theater, the Amphitheater and the Mausoleum of Augustus, named after his Matrona: Ummidia Quadratilla.
ASCOLI SATRIANO (FG): with the Domus with rich mosaics of the Augustan period.

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