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In Italy is possible to find every kind of meat, from the classic grilled steak, to the boiled meats.


The famous Fiorentine Beefsteak, a special, big T-bone steak, invented in Florence,  cooked on the grill upon the embers;


The  Milanese Cutlet, covered with breadcrumbs and then fried;


The horse’s raw Pesto, eaten with olive oil and fresh lemon juice;


The crude Carpaccio to be eaten witn Parmesan cheese, rocket, olive oil and fresh lemon juice;


The beef Filet , grilled, with mushrooms, with balsamico vinegar or with green pepper cream,


The cold Cuts as Ham, Culatello, Salami, Bacon, Cured Raw Beef and many others;


The Fowl as the Guinea-Fowl, the Pheasant, the Duck, the Quail;  


The Wild Game as the Deer, the Wild Boar, the Roe, the Hare;


The Liver, cooked in various ways;


The Grilled Sausage;  


The Rissoles;


The Pork Chop;


The Boiled Pig Shoulders and many other recipes where the meats are mixed with a lot of different ingredients and dressings.



Watch this interesting video on Cotechino ( a special big, fresh sausage to be boiled and paired with lentils or purèe ), kindly granted to us from yellow saffron channel, available only in Italian( )



Some of them are good to be eaten with very particular sauces as the famous green sauce, optimal over boiled meats, the vegetables sauces or the mayonnaise based sauces.  You’ll eat the meats with salads, fried chips or purée. You will see how many ways there are to cook them and will be surprised by them.