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Italy is known all over the world for its terrific foods. Since ancient times the italians have created a huge number of regional recipes, made of an always different mix of many precious gifts of Mother Nature . As gifts I mean: fruits, vegetables, meats, cereals and all our foods as olive oil, pasta, pizza, coffee, pastries, ice creams, cakes, cheeses. Our history has been a maze of dominations, with foreign populations that have come and then left this country, leaving their mark on it. Probably it has been from this mixing of different and heterogeneous cultures that our cuisine has formed. Italy has indeed always been known as the Country of the thousand municipalities, an often torn territory, with many regional wars between little private armies. This fragmentation has ensured that a very various cuisine has emerged, and a deep connection with food and its properties has become part of the culture  among Italian citizens. We’d like to express our thanks to this Italian’s food history; to this wonderful treasury that we can share with all the people who will come here to visit Italy. Every region still preserves its traditions and its specialities under the form of particular recipes; so you’ll find  local pasta dishes, cheeses, meats cooked in many ways, dressings, cakes. You’ll even find out something important to drink: great mineral waters and stunning wines. Here it’s indeed the birth place of the original italian sparkling wine, of unique white and red wines as Brunello di Montalcino, the Classical Chianti, the Sassicaia, the Pinot, the Lambrusco, the Gallura’s Vermentino, the Passito of Pantelleria, the Soave, and many, many others. Here you’ll find unique water like mineral and natural Sampellegrino water, one of the most well known types of water of the world. The way Italians, and foreigners who come here, eating is part of the Italian Lifestyle. A concept that is so important for us. In this little word is indeed enclosed an entire universe of emotions. What could it be better than a spectacle at Theatre followed by a candle light dinner at a fine restaurant in company of your life partner, or a quiet walk among the streets and squares of one Art City, followed by a good glass of wine and a tasting of particular cheese with some cold cuts ? Wherever you’ll stop to eat something in Italy, whether it be at a cafè, for a typical italian breakfast with capuccino and pastries, or at a tavern, for a lunch with pasta and tomato sauce to combine with a red wine , or, finally, at a pizzeria to eat a pizza with a good beer, you surely will find and taste a unique atmosphere. Here below we want to give you a brief list of some precious foods you’ll find in travelling around Italy as an advice for absolutely try them: