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The ” three unique Crucifixes ” exhibition in Florence

In these days, in Florence… inside the Baptistery of San Giovanni…until Sunday, November 11th…the three, fifteenth-century, wonderful, wooden crucifixes by Donatello, Brunelleschi and a young Michelangelo,are exhibited togheter for the first time. The three priceless masterpieces come from the three Florentine basilicas of Santa Croce, Santo Spirito and Santa Maria NovellaWhile watching the three crucified you may notice changes happened in fifteenth-century’s religious sculpture, more characterized by mathematical proportions in the early Renaissance, and, instead, more led toward  the aesthetic and the conceptual Neoplatonism in the late century. The three masterpieces’ observation leads the viewer to reflect about the religious and cultural significance of the Cross; some different aspects emerge from them: emotions (Michelangelo), virtuosity (Donatello) and concept (Brunelleschi).

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