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Travelling for Spiritual Growth

This website is helping and inspiring people to beat every-day life stress, live a better lifestyle and be in touch with their spiritual life.

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The innovative new Worlds we’ll face


In this new Era, the social media are changing quickly their environments and we’ll have to adapt our life to their presence.

We will live part of our days immersed in these new Worlds which will be full of new possibilities. We will be able to talk to friends and people, visit places, make business, attend concerts ed events generally, go to shop, play games, study and learn, explore, build our virtual houses, pay bills, watch televison and movies, advertise, in short having interactional experiences with this whole digital new World from our room.

This can be exciting but even dangerous; we will have to be able to manage all this new huge flow of informations, people and relations with a grain of salt, to be able to obtain cultural and personal growth instead of more social isolation.

In my opinion the bet is to integrate this new World with our real World in a right, balanced and intelligent way to better our lives.

Let’s see some platforms already developed or in a phase of developing:






in addition to these ones there are some others and the chance is that in the near future some of them can join themselves to get bigger.

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