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The Agri-Village of Vico Fertile

In Vico Fertile , nearby Parma , Mr . Giovanni Leoni, an enlightened farmer at the head of a company that produces large amounts of tomatoes, onions and parmesan cheese , has created a truly unique project : a sustainable agricultural village with 60 homes for 240 inhabitants . In the World the theories concerning the happy downshifting are becoming now very widespread and the ecological awareness for the preservation of the Planet starts to become a reality. Many architects, planners and researchers are developing some innovative neighborhoods where people can live in harmony with nature without polluting excessively. The Italian village produces inside what is necessary in terms of energy and food for the livelihood of its inhabitants. The houses will be on one level ( low ground ), economic and all equipped with both photovoltaic plant and solar thermal plant , there will be no drains because all the waste will be used as fertilizer for the plants and to produce biogas . The night lighting will be governed by photocells that turn on with the passage of people . The technological cowshed of the company will produce food, milk and energy coming from bio masses .Orchards and vegetable gardens will produce veggies and fruit in abundance and the surplus will be sold outside of the village . Within the village people will move by feet, by bicycle or with electric cars.

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