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Relais du Silence charming Hotels

Italy is, in my personal thoughts, the charming place par excellence…“ Often I ask myself why should I think so good of it, as I often do. I am Italian and therefore, maybe I am strongly one-sided. Italy has its problems for sure, as every other place in this World I think, but even with all its problems, with all its contradictions and paradoxical aspects, Italy still remains to my eyes an extraordinary place.

Where else could a person gather so many things ( art, culture, history, atmosphere, food, nature, … ) all togheter ? I strolled slowly so many times in its Alleys and in its fascinating Squares and I looked out toward its wonderful landscapes from so many hotel’s balconies at seaside, in the mountains, at the lake and in the Art Cities. That’s why I will always be fond of Italy …even if you could call me one-sided ! “.

[RDS] Séjour en Montagne

Going on holiday in Italy is a really intense experience….indeed for all those who are fond of Art, Culture, History and Food, Italy is an unmissable place to visit. Strolling through Cities like Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan, and many other can be a really thrilling experience; you will find yourself immersed in history while you live in today.

Relais du Silence Pian delle Starze Maratea Marina di Camerota - Photo 13

From the Cities you can easily move to natural environments by car or by train: at seaside or lakes, in the mountains or on sweet hills. You can taste a good Chianti wine while sitting in front of a relaxing sunset in the renowned Tuscany hills; you can have a romantic dinner in an elegant restaurant located on a cliff overlooking the sea; you can tan while drinking beer and eating pasta and braised meat on a wonderful wood terrace perched over Alps toward a stunning landscape made of sky and mountains; you can do all that and much more.

Relais du Silence Relais I Due Roccoli Brescia Iseo - Photo 9

If you are looking for all these emotions, there are not many special places where you can book and finding a true philosophy of the stay, with many quality labels ( restaurants, spa, calm locations, etc … ) and  places as these charming hotels in Italy called Relais du Silence surely are among these ones; places you can go at for relaxing and recharging your batteries to 100% through natural sensorial experiences.

Relais du Silence Albergo Villa Marta Lucca Lucca - Photo 18

These hotels are different from the other chains because each one is different from the other; built in particular buildings as windmills, farms, castles, mansions, old hotels; each one affiliated with the renowned international cooperative SEH ( which counts in its rows about 550 hotels under 4 different brands ) and each one deeply controlled by it, for giving the client the very best, in the form of quality, food excellence, cleanliness, services and atmosphere.

Relais du Silence Granvara Relais & Spa Hotel Bolzano Gröden - Selva-Wolkenstein - Photo 13

The 180 Relais du Silence hotels, of which 16 are located in Italy, are present in 10 beautiful European Countries ( Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Austria, Belgium and Andorra ) and have been carefully thought and created to fit perfectly to their surrounding natural environment . Their quality-price ratio is also very good and the rooms’ prices prove it.

Relais du Silence Naturalis Bio Resort  Martano - Photo 16

Almost each hotel is run by a family and this is already a sign of high quality.… It will be, a bit, like being home without being home. In Italy these very particular and charming hotels are nestled in particular locations as: Iseo Lake, Elba Island, Montevarchi ( Tuscany Hills ), Lucca ( Tuscany ), Martano ( Puglia ), Alfiano Natta ( Piedmont vineyards close to Asti ), Novello ( Piedmont ), Ogebbio ( Maggiore Lake ), Catelrotto ( Dolomites ), Selva ( Alpes), Ravello ( near Pompeii and Naples), Marina di Camerota ( Campania sea ), Assisi ( Umbria ), Sant’Antonio di Gallura ( Sardinia, near Porto Cervo ), Siracusa ( Sicily, the white City ) and Cefalù ( Sicily ). The European Cooperative Network of indipendent hoteliers ( SEH ) grants to all its Relais du Silence the renowned brand after the above mentioned very scrupulous controls. The visitor who will book a room in these hotels will experience a really unique stay. You can book your room in one of these charming hotels in Italy by going on the website: .

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