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900 interwar art and life in Italy


In Forlì, at the San Domenico Museums, from  February 2 to June 16 2013, a major exhibition on Italian painting of the 20th century is being held. The art exhibition shall be an opportunity to discover the great contemporary masters such as: Sironi, Carrà, Severini, De Chirico, Depero, Oppi Cagnaccio of St. Peter, Donghi, Dudreville, Biancini, Doctors, Campigli, Ropes, Conti Guidi, Ferrazzi, Casorati, Prampolini, Sbisa, Soft, Maccari, Roses, Guttuso, and the sculptors such as Balla, Messina, Baroni, Andreotti, Thayaht, Martini, Manzù and Rambelli. The exhibition expresses a union between painting and architecture and a connection with the great italian art of 1400 AD, from which these great artists have massively taken inspiration.

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