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Enviromental Culture


Environmental Culture

10 Tips to give your contribution to the conservation of our wonderful Planet

1. The water is a limited resource, Italy is, luckily, a Country rich in water while  there are still many Countries around the World which suffer from a growing drought, therefore, when you wash the dishes or any other thing, use these measures, it will help you save on your water-bill and conserve this precious resource:

a. Always close the taps when you’re using the soap to wash your hands and face, and to brush your teeth.
b. Take a shower instead of a bath, if you can, and  close the tap while you are using the soap.
c. Close the taps as you wash the dishes with soap, do not let water flow freely.
d. Irrigates the garden with conscience, without wasting too much water.
and. buy and use, if you can, appliances in Class A.

2. Electricity is expensive and should not be wasted. Its production involves a huge consumption of oil, a finite resource. Only when you waste it you understand how expensive it is:

a. Do not leave electrical appliances, radio, TV, and other electronic equipment on stand by mode (in the course of a year, what would seem a low consumption is, on the other contrary,  a much higher and expensive one).
b. Use sparingly the air conditioners, they consume a lot of energy.
c. Use the washing machine at full load to avoid making unnecessary washings.
d. Always turn off the lights within the rooms where you are not.

3. Gas is another source of energy which, as yet, we can’t get rid of. In Italy the long winters facilitate the gas consumption; follow these tips

a. Lower heating to a quite low temperature ( 16 ° Celsius D. ) when you’re not at home.
b. Never hold the heat too high, besides being expensive, it is not healthy.
c. Try, if you can, as much as possible to isolate the house where you live, through double glazing, thermal coats, sealers, etc …
And make sure to ventilate your home every day for at least 10 minutes.

4. Recycle, if possible, all your waste,  keeping them separate:  plastic objects, organic waste, paper, metal and glass, etc. … .

5. Continue absolutely buying necessary goods and even unnecessary ones  … this action will be good for the economy and jobs! But remember not to overdo it, trying, wherever possible, to  repair the most of them, when appropriate (shoes, clothes, appliances, cars, etc …) or reuse them (strollers, prams, etc …) .

6. Use the bicycle or take a  walk when possible, a nice walk will improve your figure and your health and will save you money. Today gasoline is very expensive and pollutes a lot. So think to rediscover the taste and healthiness coming from  keeping your body in an active motion ! When you are in the column or at the traffic light, inside your car, switch off the engine

7. Always climb the stairs and come down the stairs by feet if you can, avoiding taking the elevator. This action may probably prolong your life and, for sure, the life of the lift. And the Condominium expenses are surely going to decrease.

8. Never throw cards, chewing gum, cigarettes and other waste in the streets. If everyone did so our Cities would be wonderfully clean!

9. Respect the Italian Artistic heritage, is a wealth of all and a true national resource. Do not deface the walls and gates of the buildings! If you want to express your Art there are, in general, many places and walls dedicated to artists.

10. Use always ecological cleaners if you can, when you’re washing dishes and clothes, and when you clean home; they often cost a little more, but the expense is worth the result. Your skin, your breath and the Planet will thank you!

11. Notify these 10 simple messages to as many people as you can, “viral” communication is the best way to spread values ​​and ideas; especially those driven by right intentions … and I think that preserve our World is undoubtedly one of them. …I wish you all the best in your work !